Hans Hasselberg

Installing irssi-otr on OSX

17 Jan 2016

I am using irssi every day and I missed OTR. I found irssi-otr, but installing failed: #40. This posts describes how I fixed it. It is not pretty…

Get irssi and irssi headers

  1. install irssi: brew install irssi --HEAD
  2. clone irssi: git clone git@github.com:irssi/irssi.git
  3. copy irssi headers into irssi root: cp irssi/src/*.h irssi/; cp irssi/src/core/*.h irssi/

Get irssi-otr

  1. clone irssi-otr: git clone git@github.com:cryptodotis/irssi-otr.git
  2. remove -z,relro,-z,now from configure.ac because OSX ld doesn’t support -z
  3. configure and provide the path to YOUR irssi folder (the one you cloned): ./configure --prefix="/usr/local" --with-irssi-headers=~/src/github.com/irssi/irssi
  4. make
  5. because make install failed for me I created a new dir and installed there: make install DESTDIR=$(pwd)/destdir
  6. copy the module into YOUR irssi folder: cp destdir/usr/lib/irssi/modules/libotr.so ~/.irssi/modules
  7. /load otr in irssi

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